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2023 was the year of the highest absolute growth for ManWinWin!

On January 12th, ManWinWin held the annual kick-off meeting for the year 2024. The event was attended by the entire team and served as an opportunity to celebrate the previous year’s results and present objectives for the new year. In 2023, ManWinWin recorded a 20% growth compared to the previous year, representing the company’s highest growth year in absolute value. The growth was driven by several factors, including the launch of ManWinWin 7, the development of the partner network, and a consistent focus on innovation.

Launch of ManWinWin 7

ManWinWin 7 is the latest version of ManWinWin’s CMMS. The new version has been continuously improved over time and is already implemented in the majority of our clients. This new version includes:

  • A new, more intuitive, and user-friendly web interface.
  • Improvements to Winston’s algorithm, our Artificial Intelligence that assists users in making better decisions through predictions.
  • A new 2D augmented reality feature.

ManWinWin 7 has been well-received by ManWinWin’s clients, receiving positive feedback on the new features, praised for their ease of use, accuracy, and potential to enhance the productivity of maintenance and production teams.

Development of the Partner Network

ManWinWin’s partner network has become an integral component of the company’s triumphant journey. Our extensive network of partners has proven to be a key factor in our success, playing a pivotal role in our expansion and market reach.

As we strive for continuous growth, our focus remains on nurturing and expanding this robust partner ecosystem. This strategic approach allows us to tap into diverse markets, connect with new clients, and fortify our presence on a global scale.

Forecast for 2024

In 2024, ManWinWin aims to continue growing. We will persist in refining our CMMS and integrating new AI and AR functionalities. We plan to continue investing in the training and well-being of our team and, of course, in supporting and training the teams of our clients.

The launch of ManWinWin 7 is a significant milestone for the company, already implemented in most of our clients. We maintain our focus on improving the usability and functionalities of the CMMS.

Our partner network plays a crucial role in ManWinWin’s growth, and in 2024, we continue expansion into new territories, trusting in its valuable contribution to the future of the company.

2024, bring it on!

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