Vietnamese beverage company HABECO has opted to implement ManWinWin’s maintenance management software system to improve the efficiency of the firm’s equipment. 

The Hanoi-based company is the third largest beverage business in Vietnam, owning the successful brands Hanoi Beer and Trúc Bạch Beer. The country has experienced significant growth in the beer market in recent years, with a study ranking Vietnam the 3rd biggest beer consumption state in Asia and 9th globally as recently as 2017.

In conjunction with its promise to deliver a high quality service to its clients, ManWinWin has set out a series of strategic goals that aim to reduce maintenance costs and boost the performance of Habeco’s equipment. The implementation of ManWinWin software, including the ‘Web’ and ‘App’ solutions, will complement these objectives by simplifying Habeco’s maintenance management system to become both easy to use and capable of absorbing significant quantities of information.

Vietnam remains a hub for companies that run using ManWinWin’s maintenance management software system. Operating in over 70 countries worldwide, ManWinWin continues to expand its client base, offering a straightforward, advanced and user-friendly service for its customers.