The new ManWinWin 6.0 is here. It is a brand new version of ManWinWin with huge improvements, that gives you a more logic, more fluid and a simpler user experience throughout the software. The interface was entirely redesigned, the software has a much better performance and the overall experience was truly improved on all levels.

The new ManWinWin 6.0 is a great evolution from its previous version. There is a lot to say about the new software so we summed it up into 7 essential innovations you need to know:

1. The New Dashboard – that allows you to feel, in real time, the pulse of your maintenance. You can visualize the general status of your organisation’s maintenance with one fast click, including for example Corrective VS Preventive ratio, Overall status of your assets, Maintenance costs per asset, Stock values and more.

2. The Improved Performance – the speed was really increased and it is now 40% faster. The lists are loading almost instantaneously;

3. The New Interface – which was reformulated from scratch and is now more modern and intuitive, aligned with the best practices in the software industry;

4. The New Asset Organisation Feature – you can now organize your assets by location, in a tree structure;

5. The New Universal Search Feature – where you use the new search bar to find any record straight away – like a search engine;

6. Better Stock Management – which was reviewed and really improved. It now has Ordering Points, Economic Order Quantity and a lot more features;

7. QR Codes, NFC Tags and IoT – that’s right, the software is now ready for QR Code scanning, NFC Tags scanning and it also includes the features to connect with the Internet of Things (IoT).

So, this is, naturally, a big evolution from the previous version of the software, that also includes a number of suggestions made by our current ManWinWin users. “This is the best ManWinWin version we have ever developed”, says José C. Fernandes, ManWinWin’s Development Manager.