A Guide to Measuring the Impact of CMMS Implementation

When your company implements CMMS software, it can have a significant impact both in the short and long term. After CMMS implementation, your staff will become more comfortable using the software over time and it will streamline your processes, providing invaluable data and enabling you to implement a preventative maintenance schedule. 

However, ManWinWin wanted to go into detail to provide some insight into precisely how you can measure such results to determine how they benefit your bottom line, so we’ve created this in-depth guide to CMMS implementation for you. 

What KPIs Measure the Impact of a Successful CMMS Implementation? 

When trying to determine the success of your CMMS implementation, there are some key metrics you can measure. Such key performance indicators (KPIs) will vary based on your industry and company. However, there are some important ones everyone can make note of such as:

  • Overall Costs & Spending: A great place to start when measuring the benefits of your new CMMS software is how it breaks down on a cost basis. As soon as your enterprise performs CMMS implementation, you should see a reduction in maintenance costs, parts replacement, and other issues since the software is designed to decrease reactive maintenance and boost proactive maintenance. 
  • Productivity: Another good way to measure how well your CMMS solutions are working is by taking a look at work order efficiency. Since such software enables you to schedule preventative maintenance jobs (often automatically), you’ll likely find your work order process is much more organized. You can assess all scheduled, completed, and past-due work orders to measure and monitor workflow. 
  • Time Spent on Tasks: You can measure the estimated time versus the actual time spent on tasks to determine where tweaks may be needed, in addition to measuring improvements in your daily processes. With all the data collected via your CMMS system, you’ll have a clear outlook where all tasks are concerned. 
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): Although this won’t apply to every single industry, OEE is the most common method used to measure the output of your machinery or other assets. CMMS software provides key data on asset repair times, to create a better balance between your maintenance and production teams. 

Expected Results of CMMS Implementation 

There are both quantitative and qualitative results you should expect from implementing CMMS software. Some of the leading quantitative results include a reduction in downtime, and faster asset repair times. Since CMMS systems also keep a detailed record of the maintenance history of your assets, your technicians will be able to troubleshoot issues much more quickly. Additionally, with such added oversight you’ll be able to increase the completion of your preventative maintenance tasks and ensure all are done on time. 

The more qualitative benefits of CMMS solutions are that they can lead to more informed decision making and forecasting for your enterprise. Since all your data will be under one umbrella, you can also streamline communications across all departments. Staff will be able to easily assign and close work orders, assess the status of tasks, and much more. It will also raise the visibility of your maintenance team and highlight the importance of implementing successful maintenance solutions. 

Evaluating the Impact of Your CMMS Implementation 

A successful implementation means that your maintenance staff will be able to perform their jobs better and more easily. One way to determine the impact of this is by using the tools included with CMMS software to generate comprehensive reports. You can generate customized supports ranging from time between asset failures to purchasing information, inventory counts, and more. Creating a schedule to assess such data is recommended and it’s often best to do so each month, as well as on an annual basis. 

How to Choose the Best CMMS Solutions 

When it comes to selecting the right CMMS system for your organization, ensuring that it has the tools your business needs to measure your organization’s impact at every level is key. For those that are unsure as to what precisely they need, many organizations including ManWinWin provide consulting services. A team of experts will come in and perform a comprehensive audit that will take into account your enterprise’s strengths and determine where there’s room for improvement. Then they’ll come up with an action plan for CMMS implementation and the tools you’ll need to reach your goals and objectives. 

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