ManWinWin has become even more accessible to the world following the introduction of a new language in the software. With the User Interface now available in Arabic, ManWinWin enables the population of the majority of the MENA countries to maximize their usage of this maintenance management platform.

ManWinWin Software will now be available in over 15 languages worldwide following Thursday’s launch of ManWinWin 6.5.1, the latest software update. Although ManWinWin’s UI languages cover over a quarter of the world population’s mother tongue, this addition will assist the day-to-day maintenance management of ManWinWin’s clients that primarily speaking Arabic [read more about MENA clients here].

The last few months have seen ManWinWin develop a wave of new features that have sought to enhance user experience and expand the technological possibilities of the software, with notable additions looking to strengthen security and day-to-day automated activities.

Meanwhile, this update opens up new possibilities to the 422 million Arabic speakers worldwide in countries such as Kuwait, Tanzania and Jordan, with company personnel now able to comfortably manage their equipment and drive down costs in ManWinWin without any concerns pertaining to language.

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