ManWinWin has launched an internal marketing campaign to thank its Portuguese team, and the 18 partners worldwide, who rolled up their sleeves during this outbreak and embraced the new and innovative changes the company made in response to the business-related impacts of the pandemic.

During a period of time in which the world became somewhat ‘dystopian’ as society stood still due to COVID-19, ManWinWin has spent the last 3 months reacting to this new reality, with the Portuguese maintenance management software company launching 6 new products into the global market during this time – among them are solutions centred around online implementations, new product platforms and online training courses, and new versions of desktop and WEB comprising a number of new features including a digital signature.

According to Managing Director Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, “we made 17 company and product improvements in a period of 3 months, and all this was done by a team that aligned and reinvented themselves together, went far beyond what was expected of them, and relaunched products in record time, to ensure that the company could continue to function ‘normally’, with our services now exclusively available online: we’ve invested a lot recently, as it was a time when we wanted to increase our visibility, realigning our target market whilst also evolving in the way we manage our communication.”

These changes left a very positive impact on the company during the month of June, triggering growth of almost 40% when compared to the previous 3 months when the impacts of COVID-19 were being felt throughout the company.

ManWinWin Software is listed each year as one of the best CMMS providers in the world [Frontrunners Report, Gartner® Digital Markets].

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