Augmented Reality capabilities in ManWinWin to report maintenance tasks: another Win-Win development

ManWinWin Software is in constant development. This development comes from several sources, be it relevant suggestions identified by our sales team, by our consultants or by our customers using the software daily. This new Augmented Reality feature, which we will call “2D”, arose from a specific need of our client CIN, the largest producer of paint and varnish in the Iberian Peninsula, who has been an active ManWinWin user for almost 15 years.

The feature includes several improvements, all of which with the goal of facilitating maintenance technicians’ life in the field:

  • Scanning a QR Code to access the maintenance work list for a particular equipment or system.
  • Direct execution of tasks visually in the images of equipment or components. Real-time labor time recording with start/stop option.
  • Augmented reality capabilities, ie access to additional information on each maintenance task (equipment details, technical documentation, videos, etc.).
  • Voice-to-text feature for recording relevant information.
  • Digital signature on the mobile device – by the performing technician and/or by the technician requesting the intervention.

This feature seamlessly reflects the development philosophy at ManWinWin: a client has a specific need, we work together with them to find a functional solution, with a practical application. The feature is then incorporated into the standard ManWinWin version and made available, free of charge, to all ManWinWin users worldwide. Win-Win.

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