Benefits of applying voice recognition to maintenance management

More and more companies are seeking strategies to reduce complexity in industrial processes, and increase efficiency and quality in the achievement of their goals.

A computerized maintenance management system, abbreviated as CMMS, continues to prove its usefulness as a support tool for maintenance management over nearly six decades, with relevant results. However, with the current scenario of exponential technological growth, a rapid and continuous evolution is expected, which is necessarily imposed also on the development of this type of tool.

The Lean Management (LM) philosophy is one of the most popular concepts used for this purpose since it seeks to reduce any waste of resources by removing processes that do not add value to the final product or service.

In the area of maintenance management, a CMMS should also move in the same direction. This type of system is quite advanced, especially when compared to the use of a spreadsheet file, but technological evolution requires this tool to be continuously improved. It should namely: find alternatives for simplifying processes, contribute to increasing the quality of information, remove processes that do not add value.

Joana Guedes
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