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Centralized versus decentralized maintenance

One of the decisive factors for the sustainability and profitability of an organisation is reliable and economical maintenance. The companies’ means of development are objectively related to the need for the evolution and improvement of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) procedures. In this evolution, the framework of qualified teams, with clearly defined functions and responsibilities, plays a key role in the operability of the equipment. One of the key factors in this development is the achievement of a rational level of centralization of the maintenance structure of the different companies or industries.

The organizational strategy of maintenance has a direct impact on the efficiency of the plant inventory, and the centralization (or decentralization) of the different duties is traditionally decided based on the intuition. Thus, the two main and extreme organizational structures are listed below:

  • Centralized maintenance;
  • Decentralized maintenance.

Centralized maintenance refers to practices of managing and maintaining company’s assets such as equipment, facilities and buildings from a central location or department. This approach implies the existence of a dedicated team to carry out different maintenance tasks…

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