Despite the continuous effects of COVID-19, ManWinWin Software continues to expand its customer base in Portugal and abroad, with recent projects such as Ciclo Fapril which took place during the third quarter of 2020 with the implementation of the ManWinWin software in its facilities and training sessions for the entire maintenance team.

Águeda, Portugal – Automotive metal components provider Ciclo Fapril has completed the implementation of ManWinWin Software at its premises, ensuring that the company’s maintenance team will be able to access maintenance history and ongoing work orders whilst keeping track of KPIs and producing necessary reports.

The 55 year-old company, founded to meet the supply needs of bicycles and motorcycles in Portugal, distributes its goods to clients globally, including in France, China and Mexico. Today, their manufacturing activity ranges from metal stamping to wire cutting, ensuring that all welded metal components are produced to their high standards.

The project, which took place during the third quarter of 2020, comprised a series of implementation sessions with a senior ManWinWin consultant that included full preparation of Ciclo Fapril’s database and thorough training sessions on the software’s capabilities with the company’s maintenance staff.

Despite the ongoing effects of COVID-19, ManWinWin Software has continued to expand its client base in Portugal and abroad, with recent implementation projects taking place at world-renowned companies including Panidor and Simoldes.

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