ManWinWin software for maintenance management

implementation guide

Start with this 5-min video

   1) Record an equipment

   2) Record its preventive maintenance plan

   3) Schedule a preventive maintenance intervention

   4) Record a breakdown / repair / corrective maintenance

   5) Report the work carried out and the all the costs

   6) Check analysis, reports and indicators

This 11 steps wizard Will guide you through the initial setup of manwinwin and how to use the main features to start managing you maintenance.

#1 Software configuration; recording of Maintenance Items/Assets

Recording of maintenance items/assets to be managed in ManWinWin as well as the necessary assets configurations, required before recording them.

#2 Running records and other features of Maintenance Items/Assets

Recording running records for a maintenance item in ManWinWin. Other features associated to the maintenance items will be shown, such as documents, repeating/copy & paste items and printouts, will also be shown.

#3 Recording Maintenance materials

Recording maintenance materials / spare parts in ManWinWin, as well as the necessary configurations, required before starting. Other features associated to maintenance materials will be shown, such as documents, repeating/copy & paste materials and printouts.

#4 Creating a Maintenance Plan for a Maintenance Item/Asset

Creation of a maintenance plan for an item/asset to be managed in ManWinWin as well as the necessary configurations before creating the plan.

#5 Management of Systematic Work Orders

Scheduling of systematic work orders in ManWinWin, which will bring the maintenance plans, created before, to life.

#6 Rescheduling Work Orders and Work Orders Not Performed

Rescheduling work orders in ManWinWin; work orders that were not performed.

#7 Non-Systematic work orders and FMEA Tree Analysis (Failure modes)

Recording Non-Systematic work orders in ManWinWin; development of the failure modes tree.

#8 Recording man-hours, materials and third party services in Work Orders; Fuel Supply Records

Recording man-hours, materials and third-party services and respective costs in Work Orders; fuel supply records.

#9 Creating Reading Parameters and recording Reading Points

Creating reading parameters and recording reading points in ManWinWin; recording new readings for a reading point.

#10 Maintenance Budget

Creating a maintenance budget in ManWinWin and controlling the respective budget execution.

#11 Analysis, Work Reports & KPI

Maintenance analysis, work reports & KPI.

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