There is a basic rule in any software application: all information you introduce into the system can be sorted out and generate results in the form of alerts, events, analysis and correlations.

In ManWinWin, Analysis are divided into 2 categories:

Automatic Parameters – set of parameters the system calculates automatically. Ex.: total maintenance costs, corrective maintenance costs.;

Manual Parameters – A set parameters of entered manually by the user and displayed in list format for each month of the desired year. Manual parameters are based on information external to the application and can be related to the automatic parameters by creating indicators.

KPI in ManWinWin are created by the user via a formula editor.

All KPI are displayed in the form of monthly evolution of a given year or last five years and are recorded in the system.


Using manual parameters enables you to create indicators with data outside the program. You may compute, for example, the following indicator: Total Maintenance Cost (automatic parameter) divided by Annual Company Sales (manual parameter)

Automatic parameters are always updated and you can check them anytime. Cost Centers, Clients, Objects (Items), Systems and the Organization itself are the entities with automatic parameters. To view these parameters, right-click on any of these entities and select <Analysis>.

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