A budget is a yearly document that reflects, in monetary terms, the planning of resources that need to be available to achieve the desired objectives in a given area of management.

Its main interest as a management tool is to introduce targets and mechanisms to monitor what is going on, evaluating and understanding deviations that help the management keep on track in the desired direction, and enter changes to the course when necessary.

The preparation of financial control system maintenance involves the following steps:

  • Establish the structures of lines and cost centres;
  • Making cost estimates for each item (item x cost centre);
  • Structuring the maintenance budget;
  • Ensure that the cost of maintenance is framed in defined structures;
  • Create budget cost reports


While determining costs is not the main objective of maintenance management, the maintenance manager must be acutely aware of them, understand them, reign them in or nurture them, following consistent rules.

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