ManWinWin offers a Work Order Calendar option, which, in practice, is a visual graphic of the Work Orders. Work Orders can therefore be viewed in a very intuitive way: the tasks that are approaching, the current status of work orders and possible overlaps. For work orders that are still Scheduled, there is an easy Outlook-style drag and drop calendar.

Whenever a work order is rescheduled, there is also the possibility of introducing the Reason for rescheduling for later assessment (a list of Reasons must be pre-configured).


Scheduling a work order means setting a date by which to carry out a maintenance intervention. The scheduled date of a work order is the date on which the work should be done. But it is always the Manager’s decision. This decision to carry out the Work Order is called Issuing (or Issue) the Work Orders, which means basically to give the order to “carry out the work”.

The maintenance manager should only issue work orders that are actually possible to carry out, ie, work orders that fit in the correct timing or opportunity and for which the necessary resources (human, material and services) are available. Any bottlenecks or ‘jams’, if they happen, should occur at management level and never in the field of technical intervention.

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