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Navaltik Management owns ManWinWin CMMS Software company, currently in its 5th generation. Founded in 1981, ManWinWin’s experience spans 40 years of work, with thousands of customers present in over 120 countries.

Manwinwin has consistently appeared in the top 20 worldwide for maintenance management systems.

Our Team, together with the commitment of our customers, will continue to be the key elements to the success of transformation in maintenance.


Improve maintenance management with a positive impact on organizations and people’s lives.


Providing the most sustainable user experience to its clients through its reliable and innovative software and services.


We believe maintenance, as in peoples relationships, it’s the key for a long and better life.

ManWinWin Software Values


The human rational behind the software based in real and relevant human needs.

Proximity, partnership and trustworthy to our clients, providers and teams.

Revealing our values, our aspirations, esteem and truly worried about maintaining strong relationships.


In a history that is being made in the last forty years, having practically an unbeatable historical base in the sector.

Knowledge is how we relate to our experience to our own goodness and limitations.

Providing you with trust, technical credibility and practical ideas.


The peace of mind of knowing we generate a service that helps others to keep safe, gain time  and step forward.

We respect the highest standards of personal and corporate ethics, which guarantees absolute confidentiality regarding all the information that is gathered during our projects.

Serious, transparency, honesty, appreciation of people and respect for the environment.


Its safe, easy to use and implement, with great customer service and guaranties.

Attention and pro-activity regarding to clients needs, struggling to be always the best client partner.

Educating, teaching, recommending trough the technical support that knows the clients needs and possible solutions as nobody else.


The ability to transform and improve in each detail every single day.

Technology making the clients maintenance procedures easier and faster.

Providing the most accurate information and the best tutorial materials to guarantee the correct use of our software.


ManWinWin Software believes that people have the potential to have a positive impact on the transformation of maintenance and the world we live in.

The digital transformation we promote in the maintenance area presents results in economic terms, but it is also an important ally for safety, environment and quality.

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