Some ManWinWin desktop CMMS Features

Organize a complete equipment inventory, manage daily preventive and corrective maintenance work with alerts, control maintenance costs, track all maintenance history,  manage requests, stocks and purchase orders and much more…

CMMS Dashboard

  • Allows you to feel, in real time, the pulse of your maintenance;
  • You can visualize the general status of your organisation’s maintenance with one fast click, including for example Corrective VS Preventive ratio;
  • Overall status of your assets, Maintenance costs per asset, Stock values and more.

CMMS Assets

  • Maintenance management of any type of equipment – your own and / or your customers’ equipment;
  • Dynamic coding system and ability to manage maintenance equipment through alternative codes;
  • Detailed record of technical features, images and association of any type of document with or without expiry dates;
  • Operation (running records) projections are possible for each equipment according to its operating history.

Work Orders

  • Management of maintenance plans and work associated to each equipment by calendar, running records, or a combination of both;
  • Option to manage the entire maintenance teams’ tasks. Planning and recording of man-hours, materials and services linked to each equipment, work orders or cost centre;
  • Management of maintenance times and downtime calculations; Graphical view of all the scheduled work in an Outlook-style calendar with possibility to drag and drop work orders;
  • Ability to compare, in real-time, the planned costs versus actual costs for better control over all maintenance work; Preparation of and invoice based on the completed work;  Analysis of deviations in maintenance planning.

CMMS Features Materials

  • Materials Master File for unique coding;
  • Automatic recoding of materials in stock, minimum stock levels alerts and purchasing suggestions;
  • Simplified management of multiple warehouses by item;  Transfers and material returns;  Partial or complete inventories by warehouse;
  • Direct application of spare parts in work or equipment maintenance or through stock movements;
  • Management of items by lots and automatic link of materials to equipment and to suppliers;
  • Detailed chronological-style statistics of movements per stock item.


  • Renewed and complete «Costs» module;
  • Option to create cost documents associated to all types of equipment, maintenance work or to any maintenance system;
  • Option to manage accounting documents relating to maintenance work;
  • Organisation of maintenance costs by Accounts and Cost Centres to facilitate the management and interaction of the maintenance department with the Company’s Accounting department;
  • Better integration of maintenance costs with the Company’s financial department;
  • Creation of maintenance budgets and real-time monitoring.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Comparative, evolutionary and automatic analysis by equipment, system, cost centre or other entity along the months of the current year, the past year, the last 12 months or the last five years;
  • Work reports with bar or pie charts for all kinds of maintenance information;
  • Calculation of technical, economic and organisational maintenance indicators (KPI) in accordance with international standards;
  • Ability to create and customize unlimited maintenance indicators from automatic parameters (system) or manual (recorded by the user).

Maintenance Requests

  • Creation of requests with option to set required service times (SLA);
  • Automatic and real-time monitoring of requests and their status;
  • 100% web-based Interface to create and monitor requests from any computer or mobile device;
  • Android & IOS APP;
  • Satisfaction rating upon conclusion of requests.

Purchasing Orders

  • Option to define series of purchase orders with different numbering;
  • Purchase materials and services on a single order;
  • Send quote requests to several providers to obtain quotes;
  • Visual monitoring of purchase orders status regarding materials and/or services already delivered;
  • Impact on the maintenance budget of the purchase orders already issued (as Running Costs).

Get to know in detail some of the main ManWinWin components

A set of features that work seamlessly to cover all maintenance management needs

APP Android & IOS

Total mobility in maintenance management. Do your work wherever you are, even without internet, because everything works offline too.

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ManWinWin Web Responsive

A set of applications with a dynamic and responsive interface that ensures a good user experience from any mobile device with an Internet connection

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ManWinWin Smart Tag

Smart Tag is a web application that allows you to perform maintenance tasks directly on assets recorded in CMMS ManWinWin, via scanning QR Codes or NFC Labels.

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Smart Maintenance

Meet Winston, a smart assistant who provides real-time Alerts, Insights and Forecasts that helps helps maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time.

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ManWinWin plugins are a set of external resources that simplify the everyday tasks of maintenance.

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Implementation Guide

Visit our Implementation wizard with online Video Tutorials.

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