CMMS Software: Its Importance & Benefits

If your company still runs things by creating and maintaining paperwork and relying on human resources to keep track of when maintenance needs to be performed, you are probably missing out on some serious benefits. When it comes to asset and facilities management, these days many companies have invested in CMMS software to increase efficiency and oversight, and boost their returns. 

The professionals from ManWinWin specialize in facilities management systems designed to streamline your processes and improve maintenance, and here we’ve collected some of the most important CMMS features.

Why CMMS Software is Essential 

For companies that rely on their assets on a daily basis, having strict maintenance strategies in place is essential for productivity and ultimately, their bottom line. It’s no secret that with businesses of every size, paperwork can easily get lost, damaged, or fall victim to human errors on occasion. Such things can result in not only a loss of revenue but when it comes to the management of your assets, costly breakdowns that could have been avoided. 

With CMMS software, companies can maintain their assets and systems and reduce paperwork errors and improve and monitor workplace and maintenance much more easily. This is accomplished by computerizing and compiling real-time data about all of a company’s assets in one place. You can also plan your maintenance needs based on your company’s strategy, whether they be preventative, predictive, or condition based. Doing so will increase the lifespan of your equipment. 

Lastly, CMMS systems have features that will send notifications of any issues that arise or need immediate attention. This means managers on the floor can easily monitor and keep track of every maintenance or repair requirement. 

CMMS Features 

Some of the most important CMMS software features include: 

  • Easy Asset Management: This CMMS feature focuses on the equipment you rely on to keep your business running each day, such as machinery, buildings, and even your company’s delivery fleets. CMMS software monitors the performance of such assets and keeps track of any issues, then schedules maintenance or other duties as required. This ensures optimal maintenance and the extended lifespan of all of your assets. Key metrics such as service contracts, spare parts, efficiency, and asset history are all used to help you make informed decisions. 


  • Work Order Management: CMMS systems also enable users to have complete oversight when any work orders are issued. It gives managers an easy way to schedule work orders for the company and keep track of asset status as work orders go out. This is done through specific order tracking features, production monitoring, and report generation. 


  • Inventory Management Solutions: This particular CMMS feature centers around the products your company requires for daily operations, in addition to what your business sells to customers. CMMS systems track your inventory levels and monitor when a new item is needed, as well as manage the items bought and sold by your company. Not only does this feature help you ensure that your inventory levels are always where they need to be, but it can avoid storage space issues. 


  • Preventive Maintenance Services: By performing preventative maintenance on assets when they need it, you can avoid costly parts replacement and unexpected breakdowns, as well as extend your equipment’s lifespan. Through the use of customized automatic alerts and scheduling, as well as performance tracking and the recording of maintenance history, you can save valuable time and money. 


  • Data Integrity Oversight: Facilities maintenance and management software provide enhanced data integrity and oversight by creating an established method for capturing and maintaining the flow of data through your organization. It does so through implementing initial data entry processes based on specific asset data, such as model and serial numbers, purchase dates, etc. It also keeps track of inventory data based on descriptions, locations, and part numbers. 


The second aspect of data integrity oversight provided by CMMS software deals with ongoing input into your systems, such as continuous updates on assets, maintenance needs, and more. This is how a CMMS system predicts and schedules maintenance and notifies technicians when it’s needed. It can help ensure that no unscheduled tasks are completed, and the ones that are needed won’t be missed by your technicians. 

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