We can define Condition-Based Maintenance as a type of preventive maintenance that includes: the evaluation of the physical conditions of the assets, their analysis, and the resulting maintenance actions.

Nowadays, it is possible to affirm that the maintenance that was practiced in the past has been gradually acquiring a new set of actions, which are also important, in addition to the frequent and unwanted repairs. The idea based on repairing equipment when it loses its capacity to perform its function is slowly giving way to a new one that arises from the need to keep it operational for longer, trying to predict when it might fail, in order to act on it in a timely manner.

Taking this as a starting point, it is assumed that it is necessary to constantly monitor their physical condition. In an increasingly technological age, there are many resources that companies can use today to control the condition of their assets. Over the years, due to these technological advances, the monitoring and measurement equipment (known by the abbreviation, MME) have become a more accessible resource and, therefore, easily found in the daily lives of companies that perform preventive maintenance.


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