Metalo-Ibérica SA, Portugal – ManWinWin Software is continuing to make strides in the construction industry following the implementation of its CMMS software at global equipment manufacturing company Metalusa. 

Founded in 1990, Metalusa have become industry leaders in producing and distributing façade scaffolding, suspended work platforms and modular construction structures, among other construction-based goods. Their vast expansion in this industry has seen them expand their business to different regions globally, establishing commercial partnerships in the United Kingdom, Chile Morocco, and many other countries.

The objectives of Metalusa’s 4-step implementation project, spanning the first half of 2020, were to fully implement ManWinWin across their premises before training the technicians on how maximize their usage of the system for years to come.

The goal for Metalusa is to ensure that their equipment and stock management information is centralized in one core system, so that they can keep track of breakdowns, stock levels and so on. Moreover, they will also be able to strategize new ways of saving time and money by producing and printing reports and KPIs, indicating areas of inefficiency in their day-to-day maintenance activities.

Senior ManWinWin consultant Hugo Madeira Cardoso expressed his gratitude to Metalusa’s onsite technicians for maintaining a high level of communication throughout the implementation. He noted that during the training phase of the project, Metalusa’s technicians were “engaged, insightful and willing to learn” the ins and outs of maintenance management, contributing to the implementation’s overall success.

Metalusa joins a long list of ManWinWin clients operating globally, with dozens of companies using the CMMS software in multiple facilities operating in different regions, including plastic component manufacturer Simoldes .

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