Super Energy Corporation, Vietnam and Thailand — ManWinWin software is built to increase companies’ abilities to maintain essential equipment. Our software provides deep insights into equipment efficiency and the overall health of crucial systems that allow these companies to function.

Super Energy Corporation is a brand new client that is utilizing the capabilities of ManWinWin. Founded in 1994, Super Energy Corporation has produced 653,227,500 kWp of clean energy and prevented 698,973 metric tons of Co2 from being released into the atmosphere! Super Energy Corporation inputted about 2500 assets and 500 stock items for 6 stores in ManWinWin CMMS. We trust that our system will help them complete their goals of reducing emissions and creating a more sustainable energy production system.

Super Energy Corporations has recently expanded into Vietnam. They are aiming to be the top power producer in ASEAN. This new growth dramatically increased the amount of equipment that they need to maintain. They discovered the abilities that ManWinWin software possesses. They understood that if they wanted to continue to grow, they needed a way to manage their equipment, and ManWinWin provided the tools required to succeed.

ManWinWin looks forward to working with Super Energy Corporation to cultivate a more sustainable, green, and efficient future.

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