ManWinWin online training course (DoIT)

More than 60 simple video tutorials covering the 8 main areas of ManWinWin EXPRESS and START.

Welcome to ManWinWin Online Training Course

This online training, essentially practical, is the result of almost 40 years of implementing ManWinWin and training maintenance teams at companies across the world and aims to enable the trainee to properly explore ManWinWin.

The program consists in 8 modules with more than 60 classes (video) and supporting documentation.

Course curriculum

The communication and method will be by video. As a complement will be added resources such as Manuals, Practical Exercises and relevant Technical Documentation.

  • Configuration: Functional Organization | Cost Centers | Suppliers | Organization | Personnel | Objects Types | Work Types
  • Plant: Register items | Runnin Records | Fuel Supply Record | Reading Parameters | Documents | Views | Multiple Edition / Usage History | Associate article (s) | Required Time and Opertating Time | Filters
  • Materials: Materials Standard | Register items | Items Where Used | Suppliers | Filters | Reports
  • Maintenance Plans: Library & Tasks | Reading Parameters | Repeat plans | Forecasting | Create Maintenance Plans with and without cycle
  • Work Orders: Scheduling WO | WO Analyzes | WO Cycle | Report | Reschedule WO | Multiple Edition | Filters
  • Analysis and Indicators: Dashboard | Work Reports | Analyzes | Performance indicators
  • Costs: Concept of cost and budget | Costs Record | Budgeting | Control | Filters | Reports
  • Advanced Features: Project Management | Contract Management | Previous tasks and Final tasks | OK / NOK tasks | Pending Tasks | Failure Modes

This training includes:

  • Audiovisual training for a total of more than 10 hours, with each module lasting an average of 1 hour, WITHOUT trainer support
  • CMMS ManWinWin manual by theme
  • Practical exercises to consolidate the topics covered
  • Relevant technical articles
  • Digital certificate after completion
  • 24 hour access for 12 Months

Course goals & objectives

This training aims to enable participants to explore and use CMMS ManWinWin in the following areas:

  • Configuration
  • Plant
  • Materials
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Work Orders
  • Analysis and Indicators
  • Costs
  • Advanced Features

By the end of the course, it is expected that the trainee will be able to :

  • Set ManWinWin. Properly configure and manage his organization;
  • Manage Plant. Keep track of all this maintenance work;
  • Create maintenance plans and manage maintenance work;
  • Reports maintenance costs and other details and keep all maintenance history updated;
  • Analyze his maintenance performance based on customized KPIs and reports produced by ManWinWin;
  • Manage your budget monitoring in real time the distribution of maintenance costs.

This course enables you to properly explore and use the ManWinWin EXPRESS and ManWinWin START.

ManWinWin online training course