Empresa Figueirense de Pesca

Empresa Figueirense de Pesca modernizes its maintenance management with ManWinWin

Empresa Figueirense de Pesca (EFP), a century-old company with headquarters in Figueira da Foz and a unit in Galicia, a leading producer of fishmeal and cosmetic products, has successfully implemented ManWinWin maintenance management software.

EFP, which stands out for its constant search for sustainable and innovative solutions, decided to switch from a manual maintenance management system to a technological solution that would centralize information and optimize the management of work orders (WOs).

Implementation and the Benefits of ManWinWin

The team put the knowledge gained in training into practice and, with the support of the consultants, successfully created the basic structure of the factory in the software, including the registration of equipment, maintenance plans and technical information relevant to the company’s operation.

In addition, ManWinWin is a multilingual platform, which allowed it to be adapted quickly for EFP’s Galician unit.

Over the last year, EFP has already benefited from using ManWinWin, particularly in terms of:

  • Centralization of information: documentation, information records and maintenance plans are now in ManWinWin, accessible and organized;
  • Efficient management of work orders: the creation and management of WO has become more efficient, optimizing the team’s time and resources;
  • Effective preventive maintenance: by switching from manual maintenance management methods to using the software, the possibility of human error has been reduced and there is now greater equipment reliability.

In addition, EFP is prepared to use the ManWinWin web app, which allows maintenance to be managed on mobile devices.

Looking to the future

Although the implementation of CMMS is recent, the initial results are satisfactory. At the end of April, ManWinWin consultants will pay a visit to monitor progress, evaluate the use of the software, reinforce training, and help create KPIs for maintenance.

ManWinWin is a leader in the CMMS market, optimizing maintenance for companies in various sectors. The company offers a complete solution, from implementation and monitoring to training and technical support, guaranteeing the success of the project.


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