Simoldes, a group that manufactures plastic components, has adopted ManWinWin software to support its maintenance management. The company has a turnover of over 600 million euros and expects a significant increase by the year 2023.

Simoldes chose ManWinWin solution to support the maintenance management in 3 units of the group in Portugal and in its factories in France, Poland and Czech Republic. The project will be implemented by ManWinWin Software, a company with more than 35 years of experience and know-how in maintenance management, which has its own methodology for the implementation of its maintenance software.

The Portuguese software will allow Simoldes to better organize its vast list of equipment, have access to analysis and performance indicators, improve inventory management and so on. It is also important to mention that users will have access to the ManWinWin WEB platform, allowing them to perform a set of tasks that are useful in maintenance in the mobile environment.

Simoldes is a group that is leader on manufacturing of injection moulds for automotive industry and has 18 industrial units distributed in six countries, thus ensuring a proximity to the different brands it provides. The company founded in 1959 now has a turnover of more than 600 million euros.


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