Focus on the digital transformation of maintenance in Mexico: ManWinWin implementation at PSM

PSM mold factory in Mexico implements ManWinWin to improve its maintenance management: promising results in a short time and plans to exploit the artificial intelligence of the software reflect ManWinWin Software’s strategic focus on the Mexican market.

PSM (Progressive Stamping de Mexico) is a factory producing molds and stamped parts, located in the city of Querétaro, in the region of Bajío, in Mexico. In October 2022, PSM met ManWinWin at the Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM) trade show held in Léon, Guanajuato, and, since then, the interest in the implementation of the software to improve the management of plant maintenance grew consistently.

The previous system used by PSM did not meet the company’s needs and did not have the necessary features and functions to optimize maintenance management at the plant. ManWinWin, on its side, proved to be a user-friendly system easy to implement, which included new and advanced features and functions.

The online implementation of ManWinWin started in January 2023 is already bringing many benefits to PSM in the day-to-day management of its maintenance work, spare parts management, and in the management of maintenance requests recorded by operators in the production lines. The experience of more than 40 years of ManWinWin Software was important to chart the path to a successful implementation, but it was, above all, the commitment, dedication and interest of the participants that was decisive to achieve the defined objectives.

PSM is motivated to continue to improve its maintenance management with ManWinWin. Some of the future plans include improving cost and downtime analysis, and exploring new features beneficial to the company, such as ManWinWin’s artificial intelligence through its brand new smart assistant, Winston, to make predictions for the future of their equipment, such as future costs, future breakdowns, downtimes, and more.

ManWinWin Software is consolidating its strategic commitment to the Latin American market (LATAM), specifically in Mexico. After several new customers in the last 2 years, and after the successful participation in the international Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM) fair, Mexico is now the company’s focus in the region for the adoption of the digital transformation of Maintenance.

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