FOR-MAR e Escola do Mar dos Açores Revolucionam com o ManWinWin

FOR-MAR and Escola do Mar dos Açores revolutionize with ManWinWin

FOR-MAR and the Escola do Mar dos Açores, dedicated to professional training in maritime activities, have taken a step forward in digitizing their maintenance operations and are achieving excellent results thanks to the implementation of the ManWinWin CMMS.

A school in the maritime sector, FOR-MAR offers training in the fishing arts, mechanics, meteorology, aquaculture and other activities in the sector. It has 13 training centers and operates along the coast of mainland Portugal.

The Escola do Mar dos Açores, based in Horta, on the island of Faial, also provides technical training in the areas of safety, port operations, shipbuilding, rescue and fishing. In addition to training, EMA is also a project incubator, whose aim is to support and promote entrepreneurship and innovation, providing resources and services for startups and entrepreneurs in the blue economy.

Implementation of ManWinWin at FOR-MAR and the Escola do Mar dos Açores

The type of training and activities carried out by the two schools require strict control of the equipment. It is important to have an efficient maintenance plan that complies with all operating and safety standards, so that all activities run smoothly, guaranteeing the best learning experience for students and trainers.

The implementation of ManWinWin began with a complete diagnosis, in which our consultants identified the specific needs of FOR-MAR and EMA, gathering data such as maintenance history, future and past plans, equipment manuals, inventory and the composition of the technical team.

After this diagnosis, the CMMS is parameterized according to the objectives and needs of the two institutions. First, our consultants help define performance indicators (KPIs), automate workflows and accompany the integration of the software with other school tools.

The implementation process also includes comprehensive training for the maintenance team, ensuring full mastery of the software. After implementation, we continue to monitor the project’s progress and offer ongoing technical support so that schools can get the most out of ManWinWin.

Thanks to ManWinWin, it has been possible to:

  • Improve Efficiency: ManWinWin simplifies maintenance processes, enabling faster response times;
  • Reduced downtime: the CMMS has contributed to a significant reduction in equipment downtime, which allows us to reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve the quality of teaching;
  • Data-Based Decision Making: CMMS offers insights and predictions through our Artificial Intelligence, Winston, empowering institutions to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.
  • Adaptability: ManWinWin is a flexible CMMS that easily integrates into the specific workflows of FOR-MAR and EMA, even with the specificities of maritime training.

By choosing ManWinWin, both institutions have reinforced their commitment to excellence, safety and efficiency in maritime training.

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