Free 30-min online training sessions

Terms & Conditions

1) The 2 online sessions of 30 mins each will have no cost whatsoever to the user. All we’ll ask in return from you is a software review / testimonial, which we’ll request in the end of the 2nd online session.

2) Each user will be entitled to only 2 (two) online sessions of 30 minutes each.

3) The training plan for the two online sessions is already defined, and will always achieve the main steps to empower the user in exploring ManWinWin Express:

a. Configuration (create a system, create a cost center)
b. Create equipment (technical datasheet, documents, spare parts used, running records, reading parameters)
c. Create a maintenance plan
d. Create a preventive work order (WO)
e. Report resources in WOs
f. Create an indicator

4) Online sessions may be recorded and later sent to the user, provided that the user expresses direct authorization.

5) This offer is not valid for users for academic purposes. For these cases, we have alternatives available (always free) in a DIY (Do It Yourself) system.

6) Cancellations / Rescheduling of sessions: these will only be accepted with a minimum notice of 24 hours in advance. If this minimum notice is not met, the session will be rendered as provided / carried out.

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