At ManWinWin, everyone knows that the workweek ends Friday at lunchtime. This flexibility allows everyone to have time to deal with their personal affairs or simply take an afternoon off from work. This bonus creates more motivated and happier employees. It’s a “WinWin” situation that we like so much and it is part of our DNA as a company.

In addition to free Friday afternoon, at ManWinWin Software there is flexibility in hours and the possibility of working remotely, from home, or from any location with internet access. About 10 years ago we decided that our company would not have a fixed IT infrastructure, based on physical servers in the office. With the transfer of all internal processes to remote servers and to Microsoft 365, all from the cloud, the workstation was dematerialized, allowing each employee to work virtually from anywhere in the world.

It is very clear to us at ManWinWin Software that all employees have a personal life like children, playful and sporting activities, and other important commitments. The lack of balance between personal and professional life inevitably leads to declines in productivity and other problems with direct consequences for the employee and for the company itself.

In job interviews for hiring we always state that “We offer life beyond work, we don’t value work after 18:00, and family always comes first”. What we see later, in practice, is that many of our employees work normally on Fridays, even though it is not “mandatory”. What counts is knowing that this time is available for whatever is necessary which allows you to balance work and personal life effectively.

José Fernandes – Managing Partner ([email protected])

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