Organizing Equipment into Functional Technical Areas

Boost maintenance efficiency by organizing equipment into functional technical areas. Learn effective strategies for optimal asset categorization and streamlined operations.

Understanding the Hierarchical Structure in Maintenance Management

In maintenance management, a hierarchical structure is a critical concept that allows for the efficient organization and coordination of maintenance assets.

This structure enables the specification of the function of a certain set of assets within the context of an installation.

It provides a detailed view of how various systems contribute to the overall operation, which is essential for effective maintenance planning and execution.

Welcome to the first implementation tutorial for ManWinWin Maintenance Management Software! This video is the first in a series of tutorials designed to help you configure the system effectively.

Proper configuration is essential before you begin managing maintenance, as it establishes the foundational rules for your organization’s operations. These rules should be both realistic and thoughtfully chosen.

Why Configuration is Important

Configuration is the critical first step in using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). This process ensures that your maintenance operations run smoothly and efficiently. By organizing everything beforehand, you set up a system that reflects the true structure and needs of your organization.

Key Areas Covered in This Series

This tutorial series will guide you through several important aspects of the Manwin Wins software:

  • Functional equipment grouping
  • Cost Centers
  • Suppliers
  • Personnel
  • Asset categorization
  • Work Types

Main Focus: Functional Organization

In this video, we focus on configuring the functional organization, also known as functional equipment grouping. This configuration helps establish a clear hierarchical structure within your system, allowing for better management and coordination of maintenance assets. Think of it as creating an X-ray view of your company from an engineering perspective, showing every system and how it contributes to overall functions.

Understanding the Plant Module

The Plant module features a hierarchical tree structure with main systems such as General and Infrastructures, Auxiliary Systems, and the Production System. These systems help allocate and coordinate assets efficiently, forming the core of your equipment technical areas.

Configuring Your Functional Organization

To configure your functional organization:

  1. Access the Configurations menu.
  2. Select the Company option.
  3. Navigate to the Functional Organization section.

Here, you can edit, create, delete, or duplicate systems to match your organizational needs. This setup will help in the technical asset organization and ensure that each functional area maintenance task is properly assigned and managed.

Benefits of a Well-Configured System

  • Improved Asset Management: By clearly defining and organizing your systems through asset categorization, you enhance your ability to manage and maintain assets effectively.
  • Enhanced Coordination: A structured hierarchy helps in better coordination among different departments and systems within equipment technical areas.
  • Increased Efficiency: With everything in place, your maintenance operations will run more smoothly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity through effective functional area maintenance.


Thank you for joining us for this tutorial. Be sure to watch the next video in our series to continue configuring your Manwin Wins Maintenance Management Software for optimal performance.

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