Helping a noble cause: digitalizing maintenance operations at the European Food Bank in Portugal

Banco Alimentar contra a Fome (Portuguese Food Bank Against Hunger), a member of the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA), is a private institution of social solidarity that fights against hunger and food waste. With a large network of 21 regional food banks spread out in Portugal, BACF collected over 2,086 tonnes of food in only one weekend in its last campaign held in November 2022.

The BACF – Banco Alimentar contra a Fome (ie Food Bank Against Hunger), a Portuguese non-profit organization that fights against hunger and food waste, was offered a free of charge license and implementation of preventive maintenance software ManWinWin to enhance their equipment maintenance operations.

The primary goal of this implementation was to plan and carry out effective maintenance in all equipment owned by BACF in its massive logistics and distribution center in Lisbon, Portugal. Furthermore, the goal was to also create valuable maintenance history, to control costs, receive alerts for upcoming work, and extract key performance indicators (KPIs).

BACF has recorded all their equipment in ManWinWin software, created maintenance plans for all assets, and scheduled the first preventive maintenance work orders. This work was possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of Engr. Vítor Martins, the Engineer in charge of equipment maintenance at BACF, together with the support of a ManWinWin consultant.

According to Engr Vítor Martins, the implementation of the software has been an overall success, and the organization is satisfied with the results. The software has everything they need for effective maintenance management and is helping them centralize useful information. All maintenance work is subcontracted to suppliers, which means the automated work order generation is enabling BACF to plan in advance the work to be done, and better control their maintenance budget.

The implementation of ManWinWin preventive maintenance software has brought several benefits to BACF. It has allowed them to streamline their maintenance operations, reducing the likelihood of equipment breakdowns and costly repairs. The software’s preventive maintenance capabilities enable BACF to do more proactive work, minimizing downtime and improving overall equipment reliability. All in all, ManWinWin has provided BACF with a centralized platform to manage all maintenance-related activities, enabling them to track progress and monitor performance more effectively.

The team at ManWinWin are very pleased with the outcome of this project. As stated by ManWinWin General Manager, Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, “when faced with the opportunity to help a noble cause like this one, we didn’t even blink!”

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