After the success of projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in clients such as General Electric or the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, ManWinWin reached a partnership agreement to market the 5th best CMMS software in this country.

Being aware that there is much growth potential through exports, ManWinWin Software has signed an agreement with a partner for the implementation of maintenance management software in Saudi Arabia. The consultancy company wants to continue improving maintenance in Saudi Arabia and consolidate its position in the region with a software that was recently considered the 5th best CMMS in the world and which promotes, among other benefits, increased productivity and reduced costs.

In order to create a prosperous future, Saudi Arabia is establishing mechanisms and measures in the country aimed at achieving Vision 2030, which is based on three themes: vibrant society, thriving economy and an ambitious nation. Considering that this will be the point of reference for future decisions, the partnership for the marketing of ManWinWin in this country will follow up with the Saudi vision of business development and the strategic management, with the goal of ensuring that CMMS ManWinWin sets up a strong base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Ahmed El-Hagrasy, partner of ManWinWin Software in Saudi Arabia, demonstrated his enthusiasm with the partnership agreement: “We have our big goal to have a huge number of clients in the huge Saudi Arabian growing market. We are working on our goal so hard, and we will be pleased to help and assist in the growing of the Saudi Arabian 2030 vision and grow our business with it”.

ManWinWin Software believes that this partnership represents an important milestone for the company that has as one of its objectives the growth in the Middle East market and predicts that this partnership will promote the good adoption of the software by the market.


For more information please contact: Ahmed El Hagrasy

+ 966 553 643 758 // [email protected]