Navaltik was founded in December 1981 and celebrated, on December 21st, 40 years of existence. We couldn’t celebrate this feat in a better way, the company achieved the highest ever sales volume in its history, with a growth close to 25%.

Our History

1981. Navaltik is founded on December 21st under the name Navaltik Portugal, Marine Surveyors & Consultants Lda. Two partners: Lima Mayer Lda (55%) and C-Marine Lda (45%), the latter included three founding partners: Saraiva Cabral; Fernando Metzner and João Moita. Its corporate motto was: Quality, Independence and Speed. The company dedicated itself to the inspection of ships and cargo, damage commissioner of the Central Committee des Assureurs Maritimes de France, which was the contribution brought by Lima Mayer. Offices in Lisbon. Delegation in the Azores Islands.

1982. Quickly entered the field of international ship consultancy, mainly with projects on fishing vessels, many projects in Mozambique, Cape Verde, international organizations, FAO, EEC, etc..

1987. By express will of everyone, all partners left Navaltik Portugal except two, who, at this time, hold equal shares: Saraiva Cabral and Marreiros Gonçalves. The process took place in a constructive and sensible manner, with complete harmony and everyone’s agreement. The company moved to the Bartolomeu Dias building, very close to the Port of Lisbon, where it remained until 1995. It continued to carry out many international projects, in Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, South Africa, Brazil, Poland, Guinea Bissau, Gabon and other African countries, through projects of international organizations and development financers (KFAED; BADEA; BAD).

1990. Started maintenance management consultancy, first directed at ships, with a manual token system (SGM I), and then with a computerized system.

1994. Launched the SGM II, in Clipper, Dbase IV and MsDOS, in association with the Brazilian company Astrein.

1998. Launched SGMqual in VB with Access database for Windows 95.

2000. Beginning of activity at the new Office in Massamá, just 10 mins away from Lisbon. On 10/24/2000, quality certification, ISO 9001:1994 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. Certification that is still in place, with subsequent versions of the standard: 2000, 2008 and 2015.

2002. ManWinWin (2) is released to the market, developed in VB6, with SQL Server and multiple databases.

2006. On 12/07/2006, by mutual desire, in an admirable process of old friends, Navaltik Management Lda. was created. Two independent companies, but with the same partners.

2009. The social pact of the company was altered, and the companies became fully independent: Marreiros Gonçalves left, and José Casimiro Fernandes and Rodrigo Cabral joined. Navaltik Portugal kept the Naval Expertise and Consultancy activities, Navaltik Management kept the maintenance consultancy.

2010. Released ManWinWin 5 on and SQL Server.

2012. Created ManWinWin as a cloud service (SaaS).

2015. The social pact was changed: Saraiva Cabral left, José Fernandes and Rodrigo Cabral were kept, and Pedro Saraiva Cabral and Alexandre Carvalho joined as shareholders.

2016. Launched ManWinWin Express, 100% free maintenance software.

2017. ManWinWin launches a fully responsive WEB interface and is recognized by Gartner as one of the best CMMS in the world. Since then, it has always been at the top of the world in CMMS solutions.

2018. The company registers 40% growth and lays the foundations for partnerships around the world, with clients in more than 100 countries. ManWinWin 6 is launched, which incorporates NFC and QRcode technology, with the SmartTag product.

2020. In early 2020 and very unexpectedly, the world is hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a direct impact on everyone’s lives, economy and health systems on a global scale. It was the time to “roll up our sleeves” and, in what could be considered an Olympic time, ManWinWin reacted to the new reality while the whole world was forced to stop due to COVID-19. During this period, the company launched 6 new products on the global market – including fully online implementation solutions, online products and training platform, as well as new Desktop and WEB versions.

2021. New amendment to the social pact of the company, with the exit of shareholder Alexandre Veríssimo from the company. Navaltik Management is currently owned in equal parts by 3 partners, José Casimiro Fernandes, Rodrigo Seruya Cabral and Pedro Saraiva Cabral. It will close this year with the highest turnover ever in the company’s history, which represents a 25% growth in relation to last year.

Our team, together with the commitment of our customers, will continue to be the key element for the success of the transformation in maintenance.

What we call “Navaltik style” is not a presumption of goodness or a distinctive factor, it results from the accumulation of many years of experience and a fundamentally honest attitude, technically and commercially, that has been recognized as such by its customers.

  • We don’t want to be different from others, we want to align with the best
  • We always search for the best solution for the customer. Fully assumed: what best meets THEIR needs
  • We only do what we know how to do well, and we want to do better and better
  • We never stop learning
  • We don’t have any complex when competing with the best and biggest in the world
  • The small customer is just as important as the big one
  • Navaltik is ISO9001 certified and committed to quality
  • Education. Courtesy and respect for good commercial etiquette rules is mandatory.

A lot has changed in all these years of existence, but our DNA remains the same. We have not lost focus on our promise to improve maintenance around the World and our mission to provide a sustainable experience for our people by providing

reliable and innovative software and services.Congratulations to all who were part of this story and to those who continue to write it in every line of code they develop, every demonstration and quote they send, every day of training and implementation carried out with customers, every support ticket, in everything that makes Navaltik a good company and an extraordinary place to work, to learn, to live!

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