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Optimize your industrial maintenance processes with cutting-edge management software. Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate performance for seamless facility management.

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​​Unlock streamlined maintenance operations with our cutting-edge CMMS and EAM solution. Elevate efficiency with work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and seamless integration with ERP systems.

Our cloud, desktop and mobile app hybrid CMMS ensures accessibility, while also optimizing facility and inventory management. Empower your maintenance teams with precision and innovation through our advanced computerized maintenance management software. Experience the future of maintenance management in a comprehensive, user-friendly package.

Streamline Operations: Industrial Maintenance Software Essentials

Discover the power of industrial maintenance software to enhance operational efficiency. Explore key features and benefits in our comprehensive guide. Streamline your processes for optimal performance.

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Choose a better way to manage your Maintenance

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ManWinWin Software top features

Experience maintenance management redefined with ManWinWin’s top features. From robust work order management to seamless integration with ERP systems, our solution is designed for efficiency.


ManWinWin has a structured and documented API that covers practically all the features and allows to integrate with any existing application.


Smart Tag allows, by reading QR Codes or NFC Tags, the performance of maintenance tasks directly on existing equipment in ManWinWin.


Allow the maintenance operator to “Execute” the job and the receiver to “Approve” it, in both cases using a digital signature on the interface.


ManWinWin APP covers maintenance requests, perform and report work orders, stocks in the warehouse, create new equipment, running records or any reading point.


The help of Augmented Reality gives technicians easy and direct access to instructions for the execution of each task and real images of the equipment and components.


Both on the WEB and on the APP, it is possible to register the times spent using the start and stop feature directly in the work order.


ManWinWin comes with Winston, a hardworking & friendly assistant who provides real-time AlertsInsights and Forecasts using artificial intelligence.


Customized technical, economical and organizational indicators, based on the available automatic parameters, compliant with regulations.

ManWinWin Software is the result of 40+ years of experience and know-how

With thousands of users in 120+ countries in the World. Created by Portuguese Engineers has been improved with  implementations, and listening to thousands of clients worldwide using the system, their day-to-day struggles, their needs and wants.

Revitalize your manufacturing operations with a strategic maintenance plan and implement our state-of-the-art Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software.

From addressing reactive maintenance challenges to implementing predictive and preventive maintenance strategies, ensure the seamless functionality of your manufacturing equipment.

Our CMMS software serves as the cornerstone for centralized maintenance management, enabling efficient handling of maintenance activities by your skilled maintenance technicians.

With robust asset tracking features, stay in complete control of your manufacturing assets. Empower your maintenance team with this comprehensive CMMS solution, propelling your manufacturing facility towards increased reliability and operational excellence.

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Christian Schilling

ManWinWin Software actively challenged our way of thinking and guided us to focus on what was most important, ie on what we really needed.

Project Manager
Michael Nasr

You have one of the best Customer Service I have ever dealt with, frankly, and you really are experts in maintenance management.

Digital transformation and excellence manager
Danone Dairy – Egypt
João Borrego

We now control important KPIs and discuss them with our Management every Friday. Also, Production and Maintenance departments are in sync.

Methods and Continous Improvement
Essilor Portugal


João Santos

We rolled out to 4 plants already. Integration with SAP was straightforward and gave us a lot of flexibility on shopfloor, technicians use only ManWinWin.

Head of Engineering
Thai Union Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CMMS ManWinWin?

ManWinWin is a software for maintenance management; this type of software is commonly known as CMMS (Computerized Maintenence Managemebt System) or EAM (Entreprise Asset Management).

Why should I choose ManWinWin?

We are the most experienced CMMS company in the World. ManWinWin is a very flexible system, adaptable to different maintenance scenarios, and its simplicity of use is recognized by thousands of users Worldwide. ManWinwin allows for QR code or NFC tags scanning, includes Augmented Reality features to help technicians in the field, and uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate very useful forecasts for maintenance management.

Can I integrate ManWinWin with other applications?

ManWinWin provides all its customers with an API – very complete and documented – that allows creating any type of integration with any existing solution on the market.

What problems do I solve with ManWinWin?

ManWinWin covers all maintenance processes: detailed record of all equipment, its technical deatures and attached documents; complete management of all types of maintenance work orders, including preventive maintenance scheduling; management of maintenance requests, warehouse requests and purchase requests; purchase orders to suppliers; spare parts management, including minimum & maximum stock levels, security stock or warehouse transfers; maintenance costs control and management of maintenance budget.

Who is ManWinWin for?

ManWinWin is an excellent fit for any company that has equipment to maintain, mainly: manufacturing plants, buildings, fleets and infrastructures.

Does ManWinWin have an App for smartphones?

Yes. ManWinWin has a complete App, available in Android and IOS.

Check details in this link:

How can I start using ManWinWin?

You can download the free version (ManWinWin Express) and start using the software today. Or, if you prefer, you can contact our team who will surely help you both in using the free version and discussing your specific maintenance management scenario; simply click here:

What kind of support will I have?

ManWinWin support is considered by our clients as one of our best features as a company. We have a dedicated team handling support and all requests are answered very quickly. Sometimes, our clients send us suggestions for new features in the software, which we include in future versions of ManWinWin with no additional charges; this benefits the entire community of ManWinWin users worldwide.

Is there a free forever version of ManWinWin?

Yes! ManWinWin Express is completely free forever – no strings attached and no hidden costs. ManWinWin Express allows you to manage up to 100 assets, it is very simple to install and start working with, and it is accessible by a single user, in a single workstation.

Follow the link:

How can I watch a demo, no strings attached?

You can request for a demo of ManWinWin carried out by one of our experts, no strings attached. Just click on this link:

How much does ManWinWin cost?

ManWinWin has a very flexible licensing model, so it is suitable for many types of clients, regardless of company size. You can check our licensing options and respective costs on this link:

What should I do to become a ManWinWin Reseller in my country?

To discover the ManWinWin Partner business model, simply let us know you are interested by clicking this link, we will set up a quick call and present to you the Revenue sharing model we have in place for Partners:

Our partner network is constantly growing, we have representatives in many countries around the World. To ensure that all partners follow the ManWinWin guidelines in their local markets, we have an intensive Onboarding available for all Partner competency levels.

Join ManWinWin Software, the world’s most experienced company in CMMS!

Choose a better way to manage your Maintenance

Watch or book a Demo

Watch a recorded demo or get to know ManWinWin guided by one of our experts.

Use ManWinWin free version

Free forever industrial maintenance management software up to 100 Assets. Start today!

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Join ManWinWin Software, the world’s most experienced company in CMMS!

Choose a better way to manage your Maintenance