Industrial Maintenance & Software Solutions to Improve Efficiency

Running a company of any size can be daunting, especially if you own an industrial facility that requires maintenance management solutions to ensure all of your assets are running at peak performance levels. However, industrial maintenance management software is one of the best ways to streamline your operations and make the most out of your daily operations. 

Here the team from ManWinWin discusses some of the key points when it comes to industrial maintenance, as well as how automated software solutions can improve your bottom line! 

The Key Components of Industrial Maintenance 

Before diving too deep into the details of how maintenance software can help you, it’s important to understand the key components of industrial maintenance. In the simplest of terms, industrial maintenance is the amount of preventative or planned maintenance required to increase the uptime of equipment and assets on the floor. It’s one of the ways plants ensure that they’re running at peak efficiency while also maintaining costs. 

Additionally, effective industrial maintenance helps companies meet production schedules and deal with any unforeseen issues in the most efficient manner possible. The most effective maintenance strategies take a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one to reduce downtime. 

Benefits of Keeping Up With Industrial Maintenance 

As previously mentioned, industrial maintenance can help you streamline your operations and provide a host of different benefits such as: 

  • Minimizing revenue lost to stoppages on the factory floor 
  • Keeping all your equipment and assets in optimal working conditions
  • Reducing the costs of maintaining your assets 
  • Preventing costly equipment failures before they occur, rather than after 
  • Boosting safety, reducing inspection time, and improving daily processes 
  • Taking a proactive approach to predicting equipment maintenance needs 
  • Improving plant automation 
  • & More! 

Developing a Customized Industrial Maintenance Strategy 

1. Utilize a Proactive Maintenance Management Strategy 

One of the best ways you can streamline and improve your industrial maintenance strategy is by employing a proactive, rather than reactive approach. Even if your machinery and other assets are in working condition, implementing regular inspections and proactive processes helps you identify issues early on and prevent costly downtime and future failures. 

2. Implement Custom Industrial Maintenance Management Software 

Piggybacking off the point above, the best way to implement sound proactive maintenance processes is by investing in reliable industrial maintenance management software. Doing so makes it easy to predict when assets may fail and adjust work orders and maintenance accordingly, as well as automate the inspection process. With the right software, you can track work orders, schedule alerts and due dates, track the historical data from all your assets, and also easily have access to the OEM parts needed to restore or maintain machinery. 

3. Implement Clear Processes 

By clearly defining all of your procedures, you can ensure minimal downtime and no maintenance tasks or repairs are overlooked. By setting clear expectations and deadlines, technicians will not only know how but also when to perform necessary maintenance. Such procedures should follow OSHA guidelines and include preventative maintenance checklists, in addition to standard and emergency operating procedures. 

4. Revising Your Approach for the Best Results 

Not all plans will work perfectly right from the start, so you should expect to have to tweak them a little bit for the best results. By collecting data with maintenance management software, you can adjust your approach accordingly. This can include revising KPIs and tracking key asset management metrics and creating detailed reports. 

How Industrial Maintenance Management Software can Help You 

One of the foremost ways implementing reliable maintenance software can benefit you is by optimizing your workflow at every level. You’ll have a set standard for technicians to follow when it comes to asset maintenance and can minimize downtime even as your machinery begins to experience wear and tear. You’ll have detailed logs and can easily view the maintenance history of your machinery, as well as recommendations for OEM parts replacements and repairs. 

CMMS also helps make the reporting process much easier for managers and those on the floor. It provides all of the key information under one umbrella that can easily be accessed by maintenance teams and managers alike. You can also easily prioritize tasks and standardize tasks to increase efficiency. Maintenance management software also enables stakeholders to automate corrective maintenance scheduling and standard tasks to ensure your assets are performing at peak levels. You’ll be privy to detailed lists of everything from the corrective tasks needed to the specific technicians that will handle them. 

Using CMMS solutions can also drastically improve communications, clearly defining communication channels that need to be followed when reporting on assets or assigning maintenance tasks. Chat functions make it easy for managers to communicate with maintenance teams on the floor and streamline the communication process. 

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Since 1981, ManWinWin has been helping enterprises boost their maintenance performance while cutting costs and minimizing downtime. Our solutions are easy-to-implement and simple to use for every type of asset. The maintenance management software we provide is designed to suit a variety of settings not only industrial settings, but also fleet and building maintenance, and solutions for service providers. 

The maintenance solutions from ManWinWin are equipped with a structured and documented API that covers nearly all features and is easily integrated into any of your enterprise’s existing applications. Additionally, Android and IOS apps are available and can be used to perform and update work orders, cover maintenance requests, check warehouse stock levels, and much more. 

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