Industrial Maintenance Software

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For any type of industrial Plant, ports, shipyards, maintenance of water treatment plants, facilities for the management and treatment of industrial and urban waste, and many others.


Quick and easy to implement industrial maintenance software that’s accessible to all users (maintenance, production, storage, retail, top-level management…)


A 100% dedicated support team / help desk who achieved a satisfaction rate of nearly 90% in response times, friendliness and efficiency (ISO 9001:2015).


Almost 40 years of know-how and experience in maintenance management adds Value to our clients through trust, technical credibility and practical ideas. 89% of ManWinWin users reported this know- how and experience as one of the main strengths of our solution.

Industrial Maintenance Software MainFeatures

  • Management of any type of equipment, with fact sheets and documents
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance management
  • Work Planning with automatic alerts, using a calendar with drag and drop feature
  • Maintenance requests user-friendly interface (for operators)
  • Full maintenance history (by equipment, production lines, cost centers, etc.)
  • Analysis, reports and maintenance indicators (MTTR, MTBF, MWT, …) and KPIs customized by the user
  • Inventory management with statistics and alerts for stock management optimization

Industrial Maintenance Software MainAdvantages

ManWinWin allows maintenance managers:

  • To save a lot of time with quick access to all information regarding the installation of equipment: datasheets, documentation, planned work, maintenance history, applied materials, etc.
  • The timely planning of maintenance work thus increasing equipment availability and productivity of maintenance teams
  • An efficient stock management of maintenance spare parts, ensuring their availability in stock and automatic alerts when more need to be bought, avoiding delays caused by stock shortages.
  • Taking better decisions, based on real information by having access to detailed maintenance history of all the equipment.
  • To implement an industrial maintenance software system that complies with the requirements for maintenance required by law and by international certifications (ISO, IFS, OHSAS, BRC, cGMP, …)

What our customers are saying

Reduction of the cost, people efficiency, planning becomes much easier, decision-making becomes faster and reliability is there.. these things are the best features of this software.

Suraj Sharma
Maintenance Manager / Mechanical – Union Copper Rod, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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When we have audits, internal and external, they come here and see what we have in ManWinWin and they are really happy, I am also happy and our technicians are proud and happy!

João Borrego
Maintenance Manager – ESSILOR, Lisbon, Portugal

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