When there is awareness that an imprudent reduction of direct maintenance costs generates an increase in total maintenance costs, the maintenance function is no longer seen as a cost and turns into a strategic department helping the company achieve its goals.

This article by Eng. Gil Santos discusses the investment in maintenance, presenting the Iceberg Model “Total Costs of Maintenance” as a reflection on the consequences of the unrealistic measurement of daily productive activity for organizations.

The author concludes that the right investment in the maintenance department together with the definition of a strategy to improve its effectiveness enable a significant business cost reduction.


by Gil Santos (Engr.)
Graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering and Post Graduated in Energy Management and Energy Efficiency. Started his professional career in the industrial maintenance area in 1996 in the automotive industry, having later held management positions in several industries, such as metal mechanics, environmental, Food production, Chemical, among others.
Author of a blog called ‘Manutenção Industrial Moderna’ (Modern Industrial Maintenance), in portuguese language, where he shares his vision on maintenance management and efficiency.