Maintenance in 2024: What to expect?

Maintenance in 2024: What to expect?

The year 2024 brings new challenges for the maintenance sector, and at ManWinWin we are keeping a close eye on how these changes will impact the industry. Companies are under pressure to adopt the latest technologies, reduce environmental impact and find and retain qualified professionals.

Innovation: Incorporating new technologies efficiently

Adopting new technologies is one of the main challenges for 2024. At ManWinWin, we understand the need to integrate new technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) efficiently.

The possibilities of these technologies are limitless and their implementation depends on the context. For example, in a factory, IoT makes it possible to install sensors to collect data on the status of equipment and send notifications to technicians whenever an abnormal value appears. With the support of AI, we can analyze the data collected and create forecasts, create preventive maintenance plans and ensure that the equipment works properly. AR, with QR codes and NFC, not only allows us to access information in real time, but can also revolutionize technician training with immersive simulations.


We know that industry is one of the most polluting sectors. The production and disposal of industrial equipment is responsible for a significant part of the environmental impact.
Preventive maintenance is an important tool for reducing the environmental footprint of large infrastructures. With the introduction of new technologies such as AI and IoT, it is possible to recognize patterns and trends in the operation of equipment and create maintenance plans aimed at identifying and correcting problems before they occur.

Preventive maintenance makes it possible to:

  • Extend the life of equipment, reducing the need for replacement;
  • More efficient equipment with reduced consumption of energy, water and other resources;
  • Less waste and less discarded equipment;

The human element: attracting, training and retaining talent

One of our pillars is the human element. In our approach, valuing employees is at the heart of a company’s sustainability and the implementation of new technologies. At ManWinWin, based on 40 years of experience, we understand that in addition to competitive benefits and salaries, an organizational culture that values its employees is essential for attracting and retaining talent. It is important that companies invest in their people, with development opportunities such as training, scholarships and career opportunities.

In 2024, at ManWinWin, we are ready to face the challenges and seize opportunities with our clients. We are your partner on the journey towards operational excellence, innovation and sustainability in Maintenance Management. Shall we?


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