Maintenance management knowledge

Set of applications with parameterization of the basic information in a maintenance system


F-SYS – Functional organization

The organisation of infrastructure and buildings in systems for the purposes of your technical management according to ManWinWin methodology.


COD-ITEM – Item types

Refers to an identification coding standard for the items in a plant. Any maintenance item should have a unique identification code and a unique description. A maintenance item may, in some cases, be built up of several items (e.g. set of fire extinguishers; set of sprinklers, etc.). The idea is to have a standard where the same type of equipment gets the same type of identification coding. 


COD-MAT – Materials coding standard

Refers to a comprehensive coding standard developed by ManWinWin for the materials in a maintenance management environment, both for the materials in store and those for purchasing. Depth of the coding standard depends on the scope of the materials management required. For simpler cases the proposed standard may be simplified and used solely to catch some ideas.


W-PREP- Standard work preparations

Refers to a library of standard work preparations developed by MnWinWin aimed at illustrating good practices. Coding should take into consideration the necessity to display the contents of the library in a convenient way.

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