Maintenance management consulting services

Maintenance management Audit & Diagnosis

Thorough, objective and constructive analysis of maintenance processes; the goal is to make a diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses and build a framework of recommendations to improve the management system, optimizing existing maintenance procedures or creating new ones.
Audits carried out by ManWinWin Software, which are exempt, impartial and constructive, have as main objectives to identify the strengths and aspects to improve in the maintenance processes and establishing a framework of recommendations for future actions, in order to optimize the maintenance management system
They should be seen as a starting point for changing processes and procedures. Only appropriate processes and procedures allows to move towards a state in which maintenance fully meets the objectives of contribute in a decisive and positive way to the company’s results.

The Process

  • Evaluation of the maintenance function “in loco” to nine (9) parameters that develop in about one hundred (100) criteria that directly involve the maintenance function;
  • Assigning to each criterion a rating between 1 (one) and four (4), where 1 corresponds to the minimum value and 4 to the maximum;
  • Expressive rating of evaluations. The note assigned is understood as the margin for improvement in customer service function.
  • Delivery of a final report with graphical representation that presents, in the form of a radar chart, the results when compared with each desired parameter.


Continuous improvement in the management of the Client´s maintenance activities, identifying strengths and suggesting improvements, in order to:

  • Improve overall equipment performance and operation
  • Save on operating costs
  • Portray an image of confidence and efficiency to clientes
  • Motivate the maintenance team in their daily activity
  • Become a benchmark for other company functions
  • Provide savings in maintenance costs

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