Maintenance management consulting services

ManWinWin Software Implementation

Implementation consultancy is the component that turns good software into a good solution, with the main objectives of identifying and making an inventory of the organization’s assets, characterizing the main maintenance plans and constituting a history of interventions to obtain useful KPI.

Implementation methodology

  • Planning is the first step in any ManWinWin Implementation. Plans are outlined according to the approved proposal.
  • Before each session, the client will receive a detailed work plan.
  • Immediately after each session, a memo will be sent reporting work that was carried out.
  • During work sessions, Navaltik often refers to the user’s manual and the white paper “Practical Guide to Maintenance Management”.
  • In the end, Navaltik prepares a final report on the overall work carried out.
The process will be conducted by a specialized consultant who will serve as a guide to take you through a set of stages consolidated over years of experience acquired in implementing solutions for the organization and management of maintenance.

Process & Steps

  • Equipment codification methodology, drafting particular technical datasheets’
  • The facility’s Functional Organization and Cost Centers
  • Classifying maintenance work, organising maintenance departments and special services, maintenance staff and suppliers
  • Maintenance materials and spare parts coding system
  • Suggesting maintenance management analysis and indicators
  • Basically, setting up the basic definitions that adapt the actual client organization to the database structures of the software. It is then ready to go.

There are 3 types of implementation for ManWinWin Software

SetIT - Online implementation

For ManWinWin EXPRESS and START versions. Includes live sessions with one of our skilled consultants and a complete ManWinWin online training course.

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RCI Online Implementation

Remote & Consultancy Implementation (RCI) is a premium implementation service with live sessions and online training for ManWinWin Professional and Business.

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On-site implementation

The face-to-face implementation service is provided by our specialist maintenance consultants, at the client’s premises, according to the characteristics of each project.

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Training is the component that consolidates and sustains the solution on the client.

Audit & Diagnosis

Evaluation and systematization of the client’s case. Before and after implementation.

Standard procedures

Simple, not bureaucratic and permanently accessible documents.