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The world most experienced company in CMMS

ManWinWin Software is the World’s most experienced company in CMMS, a rock-solid company for more than 40 years with a foundational drive for improving maintenance and investing in people.

Artificial Intelligence & Augmented reality

ManWinWin 7 is an easy-to-use, highly advanced and mobile-friendly Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), with artificial intelligence and augmented reality features.

Drive for improvement meets state-of-the-art tech

ManWinWin 7 is a valuable investment in digitalizing maintenance processes, which brings your company cost-savings, reduces your equipment downtime, and increases your team’s productivity.

ManWinWin APP

Mobile access made simple

If the software is easy-to-use, your technicians will use it. Simplicity is critical. ManWinWin 7 APP brings your technicians a smooth user experience, which will promote software adoption among your team.

With the new ManWinWin 7 APP, technicians will easily record all information in real time, which will bring your company important maintenance data for analysis and reporting to Top Management.

Information is recorded effortlessly from anywhere, anytime, directly on mobile devices, without the need for paper – this significantly increases efficiency and productivity.

Our users worldwide strongly approve ManWinWin’s overall usability. ManWinWin 7 APP was developed with maintenance people like you in mind.

ManWinWin WEB

A modern UI/UX and Augmented Reality features

ManWinWin WEB has all the necessary resources to carry out the daily tasks of the various maintenance team members. With a modern and responsive interface, it is ideal for use on tablets or desktops dedicated to maintenance operations.

  • Anyone can access anything from anywhere
  • Start & Stop + AR + Digital signature = Efficiency
  • Go paperless with QRcode & NFC tag
  • Streamline requests and team communication
  • Centralizing warehouse management

ManWinWin Winston

Smart maintenance assistant

What if you use an intelligent maintenance system that transforms all your maintenance data into valuable information for you, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms?

Meet Winston! A meticulous, hardworking & friendly assistant who provides real-time Alerts, Insights and Forecasts that helps helps maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time.

Join ManWinWin Software, the world’s most experienced company in CMMS!

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