ManWinWin Winston

Smart Maintenance Management Assistant

A meticulous, hardworking & friendly assistant who provides real-time Alerts, Insights and Forecasts that helps maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time.

Smart maintenance for smart people

When active, Winston processes all available information in real-time and notifies specific users whenever something relevant happens.

Winston helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, work delays or unwanted stockouts.

If something is not right Winston will notify you immediately


Winston’s Alerts make sure you won’t miss anything you don’t want to miss. If you want to keep an eye on it, you create an alert for it – Winston will notify the right member of your team, which guarantees accountability.

This will allow you to focus on the more important, proactive work you want to carry out.

Alerts are predefined for Equipment, Work Orders and Stock items and cover the main concerns of any manager, here are a few predefined alerts included in this first Winston version:

  • Equipment with high downtime;
  • Equipment with unexpected number of failures;
  • Scheduled work orders too late;
  • Work orders in progress too long;
  • Spare parts that need to be purchased;
  • Required stock items that may soon be running out of stock.

Automated alerting is an important part of any monitoring system. You need the right people to know when something is not right, so that they can act proactively.


Winston’s Insights help maintenance managers make decisions in accordance with best maintenance practices. These insights are random and depend on available information.

You don’t even need to ask – Winston will keep you informed. Here are just a few examples of Winston’s insights:

  • Winston suggests replacing an equipment when maintenance costs are too high;
  • Suggests reviewing preventive maintenance periodicity when the current plan is not being properly carried out;
  • Winston advises you to resize your maintenance team when you can’t meet your workload;

It recommends purchasing key spare parts that are below minimum stock level;


Winston’s Forecasts are generated automatically using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. They focus on equipment, types of equipment and systems, providing valuable information for a 12-month period:

  • Breakdown time;
  • Time to repair;
  • Repair costs;
  • Number of breakdowns.

According to most studies so far, there is huge value in looking into the future: reducing equipment breakdowns by 70%, reducing maintenance costs by 25%, reducing downtime by 35%.

In a World filled with uncertainty, Forecasts give you more stability, more proactivity, less uncertainty. The ability to predict in maintenance gives you a competitive edge.

Isn’t this an investment that will revolutionize your maintenance management?

What if you use an intelligent maintenance system that transforms all your maintenance data into valuable information for you, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms?

What if you have your maintenance software alert you every time something bad happens? Wouldn’t this be a more stress-free environment for you and your company?

Wouldn’t you like to have a trustworthy, smart assistant to consistently track all your available data and find meaning in it? How would you benefit from having an automatic assistant consistently providing you a deeper understanding of your daily maintenance?

Wouldn’t you like to know what will happen with your maintenance next week? Next month?

Don’t you think being able to predict breakdowns can be a huge game-changer for your business?


Focus on what’s important and leave the rest with WINSTON!

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A set of features that work seamlessly to cover all maintenance management needs

Desktop features

Complete and powerful CMMS software maintenance desktop solution for maintenance management in all its aspects. It can be used local or as remote application.

ManWinWin features

APP Android & IOS

Total mobility in maintenance management. Do your work wherever you are, even without internet, because everything works offline too.

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ManWinWin Web Responsive

A set of applications with a dynamic and responsive interface that ensures a good user experience from any mobile device with an Internet connection

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ManWinWin Smart Tag

Smart Tag is a web application that allows you to perform maintenance tasks directly on assets recorded in CMMS ManWinWin, via scanning QR Codes or NFC Labels.

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