Maintenance Work Orders Explained and How to Manage Them

A work order is an organized system of communication between departments, such as maintenance and operations, in a facility or organization. It provides a structured process for documenting, tracking, and executing requests for maintenance, repairs, and other services. It is a key component of an effective maintenance program, as it allows for efficient communication and the tracking of service requests and completion.

Let’s discuss what a maintenance work order is, how it works, and how to track and manage work orders efficiently!

Work Orders Explained

At its core, a work order is a request for work to be done. It is the communication between departments that outlines the details of the work that needs to be done. The work order typically includes information such as the requester, the scope of work, the timeline, and any special instructions. The work order may also include parts that need to be ordered, tools that need to be used, and the estimated cost of labor.

The Many Types of Work Orders

Work orders come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of work being requested. Common types of work orders include:

  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Repair Work Orders
  • Installation Work Orders
  • Inspection Work Orders
  • Calibration Work Orders

Typical Maintenance Work Order Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a maintenance work order can vary depending on the type of work being requested. Generally, it begins with the submission of the work order, followed by its approval, scheduling, execution, and closure.

Manage Work Orders Effectively With a CMMS

Work orders should be tracked and managed in an organized manner. This can be done using software such as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). A CMMS allows for the tracking and management of work orders, as well as the scheduling, tracking, and analysis of maintenance activities.

ManWinWin Has Maintenance Management Systems to Help Manage Maintenance Work Orders Efficiently!

ManWinWin is a maintenance management system that helps users track and manage their maintenance work orders. It allows users to plan, schedule, and execute their maintenance operations with ease. It also provides powerful reporting and analytics tools to help users analyze their maintenance activities and make data-driven decisions.

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Smart maintenance software for smart people

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