A recent survey has shown that companies using ManWinWin’s maintenance management software overwhelmingly agree that the CMMS solution offers users value-for-money.

As part of an initiative to ensure that clients remain satisfied with its maintenance management solution, ManWinWin sent out its biennial ‘Quality Management Survey’ which offers current clients the opportunity to share their thoughts and provide feedback on the software and company.

The results indicated that overall satisfaction with the software itself is high, with 100% of respondents agreeing that the software’s user-friendliness is a 4/5 or higher, whilst 88% of clients gave the ‘robustness and durability of the software’ the same rating. On top of this, 70.6% of respondents felt that the software’s user-friendliness was its biggest advantage, with 76.4% of clients stating that they would strongly recommend Navaltik Lda, ManWinWin’s holding company, to ‘a friend’.

Clients were also asked to rate the quality of support they received from ManWinWin, with 94% of respondents agreeing that the pre-sales support personnel competently solved any issues posed and provided a clear financial quotation upon request. Meanwhile, 77% of users gave ManWinWin full marks when judging the quality of the after-sales support team’s ‘planning and organisation of the implementation project’ and the quality of documentation provided post-project.

Among the data obtained, a standout figure which backs ManWinWin’s claim that it offers a value-for-money solution is that over 88% of respondents rated the ‘investment to benefit ratio’ a 4/5 or higher, with 82% of users giving this same rating to the price of the software.

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