ManWinWin and SAP operating seamlessly together at Thai Union

The world’s 2nd biggest fish processing company chose easy-to-use CMMS ManWinWin for its maintenance staff to access in the shop floor using mobile devices, together with a seamless, bidirectional integration with SAP for spare parts master data, and storing financial work order information on SAP.

Thai Union, World leader in seafood processing company with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, implemented ManWinWin in 2018 in 5 of its plants: Seychelles, Ghana, Portugal, France, and Poland. With a strong focus on providing a flexible and easy-to-use tool for maintenance technicians to use daily, both to check the work needed to be done and to report the tasks carried out in each equipment, Thai Union also required a seamless integration between ManWinWin and their ERP, the world leading software – SAP.
In general, the integration consisted of having a practically real-time mirror between both systems in a few key areas, using a Robotic Process Automation software:

  • Spare parts – managed in SAP, with a mirror to ManWinWin, allowing all the stock management to be carried out in SAP, together with Purchasing, yet keeping a mirror of spare parts available in ManWinWin for technicians to access key information
  • Work Orders (WOs) – WOs are all created, accessed and reported in ManWinWin; once they were Raised and then Closed, all the details are then sent to a Work Order automatically generated in SAP, which stores all the cost & technical details

The overall goal of the integration was to avoid recording information in two different platforms, and to have Thai Union maintenance technicians access only one software – ManWinWin, and visualize in ManWinWin information that is processed and managed in SAP, which allowed keeping stock management and purchasing completely controlled by SAP, as it had always been, and to have only one single source of financial information.

Engr. João Santos, at the time Engineering Manager for Thai Union Europe and one of the main supporters of the ManWinWin & SAP integrated solution, reported that “Using a simple tool for our maintenance technicians enables us to conduct preventive maintenance seamlessly, using mobile devices, while keeping the overall information in our ERP”.

The interface between both softwares was achieved through a constructive and competent approach between Thai Union team and ManWinWin team, a strong business relationship which still lasts today. As Engr. João Santos also commented, “ManWinWin team was quite open to integrate with SAP and to accommodate our requirements in this topic, and this was critical for successfully integrating both softwares in a straightforward way”.

Prioritizing simplicity and ease-of-use for the software that maintenance teams access daily has been proven to be critical for the successful digitalization of maintenance Departments. As our General Manager, Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, puts it, “maintenance teams need very simple interfaces to report their work daily, otherwise they simply won’t use the system; if they don’t use the system, the investment the company made in the software is useless”.



ManWinWin is one of the leading maintenance management softwares (CMMS) in the World, with users spread out in almost 120 countries worldwide. SAP is the world’s market leader in enterprise application software, with over 105,000 employees worldwide.

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