ManWinWin Business – Personalized solutions

We design a tailored solution according to your specific needs so that you only license the software you really need

Unlimited Assets

Allows you to manage all your own equipment or that of your customers.

Modular solution

Choose the level that best suits your needs and use only the modules you need.


Add even more features to your solution with the available plugins.

Smart Assistant

A friendly assistant who provides real-time Alerts, Insights and Forecasts that helps maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time.

Mobile APP

A single APP allows you to make maintenance requests, perform and report work orders, check stocks in the warehouse, create new equipment, register running records or any reading point, and perform any operation directly on a specific equipment or system by scanning a QRcode or NFC tag.

Simultaneous Users

Unlimited backoffice access and unlimited web access.

Web interface

A set of applications with a dynamic and responsive interface.

Full technical Support

Permanent technical support by our skilled technicians.


We do on-site implementation anywhere in the world or online using a blended learning strategy.

API Integration

Use ManWinWin API REST to integrate with any software

SLA Level

Advanced SLA with Response, Mitigation & Resolution times

Always updated

You will be notified of new updates and accompanied on installation.

Dedicated manager

You will have a named technician always available to help you.

Notification Workflow

Create your own rules to trigger notifications

QR Code & NFC tags

Tag your Assets and read from any mobile device

ManWinWin Business usage options


SaaS (Software as a Service)

Integrated service for providing software applications to end users without requiring the end user (client) to install and run the application on their own computer or network. ManWinWin is hosted remotely in powerful servers and accessed safely by the end user through an internet connection. Because the software is hosted, remotely users have no costs with additional hardware and no trouble with installations, backups or updates.

Learn more about ManWinWin SaaS


Cliente / Server options for Local Networks

In Client/Server mode, ManWinWin is installed in the users PCs or in an application server and the database is installed in an SQL Server.This solution is suitable for operation in a local network with several users working in the same database, sharing real time information. You may choose between an annual license (Use-IT) or lifetime license (Keep-IT).

ManWinWin Business licensing options

USE-IT License

Annual license (Use-IT) is an investment-friendly solution where you pay only an annual fee of the licensed solution. A complete pay-as-you-go system which also includes yearly subscription to ManWinWin Support & Technical Assistance (S&TA).

KEEP-IT License

Lifetime license (Keep-IT) requires a single investment that allows full access to all of ManWinWin features. Modules/Add-Ons and yearly subscription to ManWinWin Support & Technical Assistance (S&TA) are purchased separately.

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