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ManWinWin: Compliance and efficiency, according to our clients

Efficient asset management and legal compliance are crucial to the sustainability of any organization whose business depends on physical assets. The ManWinWin CMMS is an important ally for organizations looking to keep their assets in full working order, but also to ensure compliance with current legal regulations.

ManWinWin, an ally of proactivity

ManWinWin is a maintenance management system that integrates and organizes information on all existing assets in organizations. We recently carried out a survey of 38 clients with active contracts from different sectors, which revealed that the management of preventive and correctiveWork Orders (WO) is one of ManWinWin’s most valued features.

WO are documents that authorize maintenance activities. These documents contain information about the equipment or system being serviced, the activities to be carried out, the resources required and the execution schedule.

Effective management of WO makes it possible to avoid unexpected failures by anticipating and addressing potential problems before they occur. It also helps to reduce maintenance costs by avoiding replacement and improves productivity by reducing equipment downtime.

Preventive and corrective WO management in ManWinWin is available in desktop, web and APP versions. In this way, maintenance technicians can access the TOs in real time, regardless of the device they are using.

Centralized Maintenance History and Compliance

Another resource mentioned by respondents is centralized maintenance history. This feature allows organizations to consult and track all the interventions carried out, making it an indispensable tool in the maintenance management strategy.
With ManWinWin, organizations can have a clear view of all the maintenance activities that have been carried out, including:

  • Date and time of the intervention;
  • Type of intervention;
  • Components replaced or repaired;
  • Working hours
  • Costs.

As well as making it easier to organize and access information, the history makes it possible to avoid losing documentation and to consult old reading records. This information is fundamental to guaranteeing legal compliance, as it serves as proof for companies that they are complying with safety standards, environmental standards and quality standards.

The survey results also show that ManWinWin is a company that is highly valued by its customers. With 79% of respondents giving ManWinWin a satisfaction rating of 8 on a scale of 0 to 10, ManWinWin is the ideal partner for companies looking to improve the efficiency and compliance of their maintenance operations.

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