Last Monday, August 24th, ManWinWin initiated yet another innovative and ambitious project by connecting 17 partners from 15 countries around the world via a live online training session: Romania, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines and Hungary. To put it simply, we are “linking Portugal to the rest of the world!”

After cancelling what would have been the first live face-to-face meeting in Portugal with all the global ManWinWin partners due to COVID-19, the company decided to restructure the different elements of that meeting – specifically training on the use of the software itself and sales development – and presented the partners with the course on an online platform, ensuring that partners could still utilize the course in the same way as if it were in person: sharing information, clarifying doubts and proposing valuable suggestions.

The training is being led by João Nunes Marques, a maintenance management consultant at ManWinWin, and Rodrigo Seruya Cabral, the company’s managing director, with both displaying satisfaction with the outcome of the first two sessions. “The feedback from the partners has been very positive; they have already asked for more training courses relating to new modules and I was even surprised by how punctual everyone was in that we were able to start the training on time, especially given the challenges faced by having to manage a meeting involving time zones varying between 12 hours or so,” Rodrigo noted after the end of the 2nd session last Wednesday, August 26th.

Up until September 25th, all partners will benefit from a total of 13 ManWinWin online training sessions, with future courses similar to this one.

ManWinWin remains committed to adding value both to its clients and partners, ensuring that more events will be organized that are dedicated to the development of all personnel in the company, irrespective of the global pandemic that seeks to build walls between the countries that work closely with ManWinWin.