ManWinWin Software is continuing its presence in Australasia following the completion of a ‘Follow-Up Project’ for Essilor Australia, an international optics company renowned for brands including Varilux and Xperio.

The 170-year-old French-based company is present in over 70 countries worldwide, and its Australian central premises are situated in Sydney with laboratories located all over the continent. Essilor is a world-leader in prescription lenses and specializes in the designing, manufacturing and distributing of lenses, offering a wide range of products and solutions for its customers.

The objective of this project for Essilor was to adjust its existing ManWinWin database, to centralize the maintenance activities of the company and incorporate its laboratories in Australia and New Zealand. ManWinWin consultant João Nunes Marques said that the project and incorporated CMMS training for Essilor’s maintenance personnel “was successful and ManWinWin is looking forward to assisting Essilor Australia in its maintenance management”.

Essilor Australia has been a client of ManWinWin since 2007 and is one of over 1100 companies that manage their maintenance using ManWinWin software, spanning across 95 countries in 6 continents globally.