One of the most popular baked goods providers in Portugal, Panicogelados, has implemented ManWinWin’s maintenance management software to maximize the efficiency of production equipment and other key assets.

Last winter’s implementation project took place at one of Panicogelados’s bakeries and will enable the company to better manage their maintenance costs and activities by helping to reduce overall downtime and drive up equipment performance.

With over 25 years of experience in the baking industry, producing and distributing iconic Portuguese baked goods and pastries including Pastéis de Nata and Bolas de Berlim, Panicogelados markets its products across 2 (two) different brands: Panidor and Homemade Moments.

Aside from planning the day-to-day running of maintenance activities across their site, Panicogelados are also using ManWinWin to review past maintenance information, manage stock items and produce key performance indicators (KPIs).

ManWinWIn is continuing to support local Portuguese businesses with their maintenance management, offering onsite implementation assistance and providing maintenance know-how and expertise for company management and personnel alike.

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