ManWinWin Software will now be used for the management of maintenance activities for Indonesian biscuit and wafer manufacturer PT. Intim Harmonis Food Industries, better known as INAFOOD, well known for brands such as GoodBIS and Okebis.

INAFOOD is renowned for their wide variety of popular snacks, notably biscuits and wafers, that are produced in their two factories located in East Java and North Sumatra, where ManWinWin Software, a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), has been implemented.

The 22-year-old business has opted to use ManWinWin Software in order to store and centralize its maintenance information, and to improve its service efficiency and quality.

Research shows that companies using a CMMS for their maintenance management experience gains of up to 30% in their maintenance productivity along with a reduction in costs of 15% within 3 years.

Moreover, ManWinWin Software customers have seen a reduction on average of 24.29% in their maintenance costs after implementing the software, with 90% users agreeing that the software offered them “quick and centralized access to all their maintenance information”, saving them time and money [1]

INAFOOD are at the forefront of South East Asia’s growing snack foods industry, which dominates the global sweet biscuit market [2] and is set to make a significant contribution to the growing overall snack food market [3].